Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When I tried to login to the Online PAF Portal, it wouldn't accept my login and password from the VICK Project Forum.  Do you need separate log ins for each area or is it still under construction?

A. Yes - you do need a separate username and password as these are two completely different sites whose members may or may not be interested in joining one or the other. The links to the sites come from the same place although their purposes are different.

Q. How does one become a moderator of a forum?

A. We need volunteers to moderate the forums. Preference is given to those who have interest and experience in geneology and more specifically Vick Family History. If you are interested - please email gailen at rltinc dot com.

Q. Will there be multiple GEDCOMS loaded for the same ancestor?  Say my cousin wants to load the same line as me, but we have differing data.  Will each line be loaded?  Will the data be protected from change by anyone but the original person who loaded it, or will anyone be able to change the data?  Can the originator remove the old GEDCOM and upload a revised one as more information is found?  I have a lot I would like to load, but I want to be able to revise my data as I go from a new GEDCOM.

A. These are all good questions. Although I have been able to install and configure the software, I have not had the time to read the manual with regards to how it can be used. From my limited reading I do know files can be uploaded and then later over written completely or amended to. This can also be done for individual lines. As for making it work and ensuring crispness of data - I haven't had first hand experience other then uploading separate lines individually. We need an expert who is familiar with this software and welcome anyone who would like to study the manual to assist Gailen in administering it. When I have more time I plan on learning more - but this was initially created as a place to quickly view ancestral data and tie lines, not so much to be the data manager for personal lines. You should keep your own GEDCOM files on your own PC protected and then submit data to the site that you know is not for data mining, rather data viewing.